Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is a four layer p-n-p-n device where p and n layers are alternately arranged. The outer layers are heavily doped. There are ...

What is a Photodiode, LEDs, Solar Cells & Opto Electronic Devices | Electronics Tutorial |

In this What is a photodiode? , types of photodiode, photodiode symbol, photodiode circuit, photodiode applications, photodiode characteristics, photodiode ...

What is a Zener diode? V-I Characteristics, Working &Why is Zener Diode used a voltage regulator?

We Discuss zener diode definition, difference between diode and zener diode, zener diode voltage regulator, zener diode characteristics, zener diode working, ...

What is a rectifier ? And Its Types, Explain the working of a junction diode as (i) half wave rectifier and (ii) full wave rectifier.

In this what is rectifier, half wave rectifier, full wave rectifier, bridge rectifier, rectifier circuit, types of rectifier, rectifier diode, rectifier ...

P-N Junction Diode Formation, Work & Its Characteristics| Electronics Tutorial |

This post discussed p-n junction definition, working of p-n junction diode,p-n junction forward bias, unbiased p-n junction,  p-n junction formation, p-n ...

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What are Semiconductors Used for ,Types of Semiconductors & Classification of Solids| In Electronics |

We discussed semiconductor meaning, semiconductor diode, types of semiconductors, semiconductor devices, semiconductors examples, semiconductors notes, ...

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