Mobile Computing

 Mobile Computing: a replacement convergent area

Initially communication technology was limited to land phone network only but in last twenty years, advancements gave a brand new dimension to the communication methods WLL Mobile network etc. came into existence. Wireless and satellite communication also became quite popular. Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth technology are other samples of mode communication methods. As a results of this technology, new communication methods and devices have get existence, which became part and parcel of the computing world. of course this can be a brand new trend of convergence that's emerging. it's the results of this convergence that mobile computing came into existence.

 This card are often connected to the mobile machine, like laptop or tablet PC etc. on USB port thus enabling the user to stay connected to the web, while he's travelling Remaining connected to Internet means, computing continues

Today the bulk of applications are shifting from standalone mode to Internet. rather than residing on a neighborhood computer they're located on the web, within the variety of some service at some website. the largest advantage of this can be that now they'll be accessed from anywhere across the world. User needn't be confined to a specific location to figure on them. In fact, they'll be anywhere within the world. On top of this, if they need a mobile computing resource with them, they will work while they're travelling.

The Other Side of Convergence

With the recognition of computers and mobile phones, a technological race has condemned the mobile handsets. These days, vendors try to pack more and more computing power into communicating systems, like mobile phones. 

 have already entered into manufacturing of transportable sets of their own.

These phone sets don't seem to be ordinary phone sets. they're termed as Smartphones. they need tremendous computing power built into them. For this, they need their own processors and package inside. they will communicate and process data too.

Symbian, Windows and Android are very talked-about operating systems for smartphones.

. they will be downloaded and installed there sets for increasing the functionality and value of smartphones.

The size of computers is decreasing day by day and mobile phones have become larger. of course handsets with full keyboard facility are very talked-about nowadays. The day doesn't seem to be very far when computing convergence with communication many result in device merger, and that we is also using the identical device for creating calls and computing.

  Uses of network

Uses of electronic network don't seem to be just for business purposes, except for personal use also. they need brought a revolution within the society. because of their easy availability and affordability, working and thinking patterns of person are continuously changing and new methodologies are evolving. 

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