Java Programming

 Java Programming

Java could also be a class-based, object-oriented artificial language that's designed to possess as few implementation dependencies as possible.

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What is Java Programming used for?

• one in every of the foremost widely used programming languages, Java is utilized because the server-side language for several back-end development projects.

• Java is additionally commonly used for desktop computing, other mobile computing, games, and numerical computing

Is Java written in CPP?

The Java libraries ( java. language, java. util etc, often named because the Java API) are themselves written in Java, although methods marked as native will are written in C or C++ .

Is Python harder than Java?

 Is Java hard for beginners?

Java isn't easy or hard. Many beginners had an issue in concepts of Java but once you start programming and playing with it's GUI features you will love Java. Java may well be a powerful language which run fast and supports most platforms like windows, Linux, mac.


Java, however, isn't recommended for beginners because it should be a more complex program. Python is more forgiving as you'll take shortcuts like reusing an old variable. 


• Get the basics right.

• Understand your code and algorithm.

• remember to allocate memory.

• Interface is best than abstract class.

 Problem solving through Programming In C Assignment 2021

 1. Set of instructions to be provided to an electronic machine to perform a task is termed

  a) Programming

  b) Processing

  c) Computing

  d) Compiling


a) Programming


2. Compiler helps within the interpretation from

  a) Integer to binary

  b) High-level program to binary digits

  c) application-oriented language to machine level language

  d) Pseudo code to computer programa


c) source language to machine level language


3. The ALU unit of computer

  a) Can perform operation only

  b) Can perform mathematical operation only

  c) Can perform both arithmetic and logical operations

  d) None of the above.


c) Can perform both arithmetic and logical operations


4 . What kind of device is computer printer?

  a) Memory

  b) Output

  c) Storage

  d) Input


b) Output


5. Algorithm is -


  b) A process or set of rules to be followed to resolve numerical problems only.


  d) A process or set of rules to be followed to resolve logical problems only.



6. after we write X=10 and Y=X, which of the following memory assignment is correct

  a) X and Y will have same location and 10 are stored.

  b) X and Y will have two distinct locations and 10 are stored in both.


7. The input N from the user is 6. The output of the following algorithm is

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